Monday, February 28, 2011

What a great weekend!

Friday night we started out with a wonderful night at the AU Gymnastics meet.  One of Mk's friends from daycare joined us, and the girls had a great time playing together!  I always like to see how she interacts with kids outside of daycare.  And just as I figured she is kinda bossy!!  Saturday daddy was not feeling well, so off to the doctor he went.  After a shot and a prescription he came home and crashed in the bed.  I decided to get out of the house a bit with Mk, so we took a trip to the park!  Low and behold another of  her bestest friends from daycare shows up! Talk about luck!! The girls slid down the slide and had a ball!!  To end the day off right we took a trip to Chill!! Nothing better than some frozen yogurt for dinner!!  And Sunday was a day of cleaning the house and relaxing!  Oh and we did get a little ball practice in with Logan before the sun went down!!  Love the weekends, I DO!!

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