Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We let time get by during the Summer.....

I can't believe we have just been letting time slip away this summer.  We are only 2 wks away from school starting back!  Graham has been out of town working quite a bit this summer, and the sad news is that he is not done :( But we make it work.  I have my final exam this week for Public Speaking, and I can not tell you how HAPPY I will be to have this class behind me!  This has certainly forced me out of my quiet box in the classroom.  Being back in school with kids half my age....what was I thinking!!  I am thinking..."I think I can, I think I can!"  And in the end it will all be for a that degree to hang on my wall that says to me "I did it!!"  I have been working on some things in my sewing corner of the bedroom, and have been very excited about what is turning out from in there!
Ok I realize this is sideways, but if you turn your head just right you will get the picture ;)  I took all of Logan's Cub Scout patches, tshirts, neckerchiefs, etc and turned them into a memory wall hanging.  I want to hang this in the room as soon as I finish it!
 Here I have made a quilt for Graham to go on our King size bed!  And next door is a wall hanging I made using a dresden plate template with left over fabrics!!  Waiting for my wonderful neighbor to come home so we can put them on her long arm frame and quilt them!!

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